PowerPac Mutiara Keraniganj Power Plant Ltd. is a Concern of Sikder Group and a renowned Rental Power Plant of Bangladesh. The 100 MW power plant is situated near Dhaka, at Char Galgalia, Abdullahpur, Keraniganj. The primary fuel used to run the engines is HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil). The HFO is arranged from own source through our nominated fuel supplier and, transported by inland water vessels. The produced power is delivered at Hasanbad 132 KV national grid. BPDB (Bangladesh Power Development Board) purchases the power from us, under an extended Rental Contract. The plant is running with superior plant factor and maximum plant availability since it began commercial operation on March 27, 2012. The plant is commissioned with Caterpillar engines, made in Germany.

A brief details of the plant is as under:

  • COD: March 27, 2012
  • Contracted Capacity:  100 Mega-Watt
  • Engine: 8 Units CAT MAK 16CM43 C, Germany
  • Alternator: ABB AMG 1600QM 12DSE
  • Generator Output: 13.6 Mega-Watt, 11 Kilo-Volt, 50 Hz, 0.8 Power Factor
  • Plant Output: 100 Mega-Watt, 132 Kilo-Volt, 50 Hz, 0.85 Power Factor
  • Transformer: 2 TIRATHAI & 1 Energypac Transformers of 55 MVA, 11/132 KV
  • Fuel Storage: 3 Units HFO Storage Tank of 5,000 Metric-Ton Capacity, along with several other tanks.