We are committed to comply with all requirements of our customers, in terms of our service and product quality including regulatory and other statutory requirements.
We are also committed for continual improvement of our process and our Integrated Management System, as a whole, aiming at customer satisfaction and benefit of the Organization by:-

Constant endeavor toward timely production and delivery and reduction of faulty product, Wastage and Pollution & prevention of injury & ill health Constant endeavor to assess risks, hazards & opportunities and address them as appropriate and ensure Occupational Health & Safety.

Monitoring customer’s perception & interested parties needs and expectations for improvement opportunities in all possible areas & maintaining mutually beneficial relationship and Always be careful in protecting environment & prevent disaster and prepare to face any emergency situation & avoid danger and ensure safety in all working areas by using personal protective equipment (PPE).

Continually improving our system through monitoring, analysis & training.

It is ensured that policy is communicated to all concerned including employees, interested parties & others as well and understood within the Organization and made available to all relevant parties, as appropriate.